Comprehensive Neuropsychological Evaluations

Neuropsychological Test

Perspectives’ comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations include a variety of standardized tests and measures to identify strengths and weaknesses in cognitive and behavioral functioning.

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We provide comprehensive evaluations for clients of all ages (5-years through 65+).

  • Comprehensive means that an exhaustive list of assessments are administered to provide the fullest picture of each individual.  These evaluations are designed to identify the causes for certain clusters of symptoms.  For example, this testing can differentiate if a person’s symptoms are due to anxiety or an underlying ADHD.  Comprehensive evaluations are most often used when individuals have failed in treatment, do not agree with a diagnosis, do not have a clear diagnosis, or need comprehensive testing for academic or disability purposes.
  • The following domains are assessed:
    • Overall intellectual functioning
      • Verbal and nonverbal ability
      • Processing speed
      • Working memory
    • Academic testing
      • Reading, Mathematics, Writing, etc.
    • Learning and Memory
    • Langauge
    • Executive Functioning
    • Attention
    • Psychological Functioning
    • Social and Emotional Processing