Cognitive Rehabilitation

Cognitive Rehabilitation

The goal of cognitive rehabilitation is to re-gain specific cognitive functions and improve overall functionality through compensatory strategies and mental exercises.  Cognitive function is also highly dependent on the overall personal, emotional and social context, so we strive to work with individuals in conjunction with psychotherapy, group therapy, and family therapy.  Often, families struggle to understand why a person is less functional even a year after a head injury.  Education can make a difference in the support patients receive, and ultimately impact recovery.

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There are multiple possible causes for cognitive impairment.  Clients often present with the following:

  • Concussion/head injury
  • Stroke
  • Post-surgery
  • Post-cancer treatment
  • Dementia

The cognitive rehabilitation 12-week program we offer is listed below:

  1.  Pre and post assessment of cognitive functioning.
    1. This allows us to get an accurate baseline picture of your level of functioning.  We will then do a post-treatment assessment to measure changes.
  2. Brain Training.
    1. We are partnered with CogniFit, a computerized program that allows for customized training protocols to be used and tracked over time.
  3. Psychotherapy (Individual CBT and Family Therapy)
    1. We provide a focus on CBT to help individuals adjust to changes and remain functional.  CBT also helps to combat negative thought processes and reduce rumination, which is common after an insult to the brain.
    2. Family or couples therapy is important for the purposes of educating and working with the family regarding the treatment process.
  4. As needed, we collaborate with outside medical teams for simultaneous treatment (physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, vestibular therapy, etc).