Group Therapy

Group therapy is a form of treatment that involves multiple people working together.  Working in a group can be highly effective for people dealing with social anxiety, depression, and/or trauma.  Often, when faced with stress or mental illness, most people describe feeling “alone,” and like no one else can understand them.  The power of group therapy is that it challenges that belief, which can be a powerful step toward lasting change.

We offer a variety of groups at different times.  The main distinction is whether a group is “open” or “closed.”

If a group is designated as open, it means we take new participants continuously and allow for drop-ins.

A closed group stops enrollment after the second session because the sessions build upon one another, hence, dropping in would not be as therapeutically helpful.  Once you are in a closed group, you are committed for up to 12 sessions, and no new members can join.

Groups are made up of 4 to 8 participants. We conduct phone intake interviews to determine goodness of fit for groups before becoming a group member.

Group Therapy Menu: Adult Groups

  • CBT for Depression
  • ACT for Anxiety
  • Mindfulness Meditation/Relaxation (Open for drop-ins)

Group Therapy Menu: Children’s Groups

  • Social Skills
Group Therapy